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Report a problem on a public right of way: Locate area

Please use one of the searches below to locate the problem. Alternatively you can skip this step and go straight to the interactive map to pinpoint the location of the problem.

Search by postcode

Simply enter a full postcode in the box below (e.g. DT1 1XJ). You cannot search for partial postcodes (e.g DT1) or house numbers, towns or village names.

Search by town/village

Enter the name of a town or village. You don’t need to type the name in full but the spelling must be correct.

Search by coordinates

If you have a set of British National Grid coordinates (for example 400215,090165), then please enter the easting and northing in the boxes below. You cannot enter latitude or longitude into these boxes.

Alternative method of reporting problems

If you have any problems using this form you can also report problems by contacting Dorset Direct on 01305 221000.

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