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Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - Weymouth and Portland

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Turnout: 35.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Kevin Brookes (elected) 1,128   Conservative
Ryan Dean Hope 283   Liberal Democrat
David Howard Smith 168   Green
Mark Richard Tewkesbury 904   Labour


Turnout: 46.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Anthony Ferrari (elected) 1,702   Conservative
Brian Heatley 184   Green
David George Mannings 1,083   Liberal Democrat
Thomas Taylor 392   Labour

Portland Harbour

Turnout: 33.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Kerry Leanne Baker 879   Conservative
Len Herbert 145   Green
Kate Wheller (elected) 1,282   Labour and Cooperative

Portland Tophill

Turnout: 32.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Katharine Muriel Garcia (elected) 995   Conservative
Paul Ralph Kimber 923   Labour and Cooperative
Claudia Lucienne Moore 149   Green


Turnout: 41%

Candidate Votes Party
Matthew John Hall 514   Labour
David Leslie Hastings 901   Conservative
Jill Ann Hordle 195   UKIP
Clare Sutton (elected) 1,474   Green


Turnout: 35.80%

Candidate Votes Party
James Robert Askew 158   Green
Shenis Cant 791   Conservative
David Best Harris (elected) 1,155   Liberal Democrat
Kieron Womble 488   Labour

Weymouth Town

Turnout: 35.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Francis George Drake 206   UKIP
Christine Mary James 387   Liberal Democrat
Jon Orrell (elected) 810   Green
Jason Louis Osborne 698   Conservative
Ann Linda Rosina Weaving 464   Labour

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