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Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - West Dorset

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Turnout: 46.27%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter James Allen 848   Liberal Democrat
Mark Gage 178   Labour
Neil Antony Judd 170   Green
Rebecca Knox (elected) 2,018   Conservative


Turnout: 42.69%

Candidate Votes Party
Robert Sean Casey 490   Green
Kelvin Charles Clayton 810   Green
Phylida Culpin 783   Labour
Keith Allen Day (elected) 2,415   Conservative
Sarah Ann Horniman 1,840   Liberal Democrat
Ros Kayes (elected) 2,490   Liberal Democrat
Bill Mellish 690   Labour
Mark Brandon Roberts 2,244   Conservative

Chickerell & Chesil Bank

Turnout: 35.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Carol Rosemary Byrom 226   Green
James Alexander Lane Canning 348   Liberal Democrat
Jean Dunseith (elected) 1,624   Conservative
Lynda Ann Kiss 283   Labour


Turnout: 39.24%

Candidate Votes Party
Richard Martin Biggs (elected) 2,799   Liberal Democrat
Vicki Black 581   Green
Andy Canning (elected) 2,871   Liberal Democrat
Gerald Duke 1,781   Conservative
Ian Francois Bernard Gosling 1,730   Conservative
Ken Huggins 265   Green
Geoffrey Robin Markham 311   UKIP
Claudia Catherine Sorin 983   Labour
Barry Thompson 775   Labour

Linden Lea

Turnout: 41.60%

Candidate Votes Party
Nick Ireland (elected) 1,317   Liberal Democrat
Richard Michael Shrubb 198   Labour
Peter Jonathon Stein 1,299   Conservative
Rebekah Webb 127   Green

Marshwood Vale

Turnout: 40.84%

Candidate Votes Party
Chit Chong 263   Green
Joy Everington 284   Labour
Steve Trevethan 538   Liberal Democrat
Daryl Turner (elected) 1,730   Conservative

Sherborne Rural

Turnout: 47.25%

Candidate Votes Party
Matt Hall 1,535   Liberal Democrat
Mary Penfold (elected) 1,657   Conservative
Andrew Martin Spring 130   Green

Sherborne Town

Turnout: 45.57%

Candidate Votes Party
Jon Andrews (elected) 1,493   Liberal Democrat
Nick Boothroyd 126   Labour
Robert Andrew Gould 1,471   Conservative
Pam Rosling 103   Green

Three Valleys

Turnout: 39.28%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter John Barton 349   Green
Jill Haynes (elected) 1,853   Conservative
Janine Miller 301   Labour
David Taylor 720   Liberal Democrat

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