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Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - North Dorset

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Blackmore Vale

Turnout: 39.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Pauline Hannah Batstone (elected) 1,980   Conservative
Robert Zachary Taylor 185   Labour
David Tibbles 405   Liberal Democrat
Bill Woodhouse 209   UKIP

Blandford Forum

Turnout: 35.10%

Candidate Votes Party
Barrie George Cooper 1,035   Liberal Democrat
Pat Osborne 291   Labour
Byron Robert Quayle (elected) 1,086   Conservative
Jane Mary Unwin 116   UKIP


Turnout: 37.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Andrew Ronald Cattaway (elected) 2,368   Conservative
Peter Caulfield 409   UKIP
Graeme Henry Hole 802   Liberal Democrat
Geoff Longcroft 414   Labour
Clive Edward Struver 344   Labour
Steve Unwin 348   UKIP
Barry Von Clemens 1,252   Liberal Democrat
David Walsh (elected) 2,675   Conservative


Turnout: 35.48%

Candidate Votes Party
Deborah Anne Croney (elected) 1,841   Conservative
Robert Michael Snow 178   UKIP
Martin Thomas Strange 488   Liberal Democrat
Keith Yarwood 221   Labour


Turnout: 38.65%

Candidate Votes Party
Derek Leslie Beer (elected) 1,231   Liberal Democrat
Piers Brown 863   Conservative
Lester Mark Dibben 100   Independent or No Party
Ursula Louise Ann Osborne 114   Labour
Lester Geoffrey Taylor 181   UKIP

Stalbridge & The Beacon

Turnout: 39.68%

Candidate Votes Party
Graham Carr-Jones (elected) 1,879   Conservative
Richard George Harvey 203   Labour
Rory Herbert 235   UKIP
Dorothy Jane Webb 424   Liberal Democrat


Turnout: 36.01%

Candidate Votes Party
Hilary Ann Cox (elected) 1,527   Conservative
David Charles Thomas Fox 506   Liberal Democrat
Haydn Roger White 284   Labour

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