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Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - East Dorset

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Colehill East & Stapehill

Turnout: 36.36%

Candidate Votes Party
Janet Dover (elected) 1,342   Liberal Democrat
Paul Graham 217   UKIP
KD Johnson 1,100   Conservative
Ashley Wynne Rowlands 146   Labour

Colehill West & Wimborne Minster

Turnout: 42.38%

Candidate Votes Party
Shane Bartlett (elected) 1,190   Liberal Democrat
Chris Brown 574   Labour
Robin David Cook 1,154   Conservative
Nick Wellstead 147   UKIP

Corfe Mullen

Turnout: 39.32%

Candidate Votes Party
Paul Ronald Harrison 1,300   Conservative
Susan Jefferies (elected) 1,603   Liberal Democrat
David Ewart Mattocks 106   UKIP
David Peden 127   Labour

Cranborne Chase

Turnout: 35.58%

Candidate Votes Party
Cyril John Barnes 148   UKIP
Steve Butler (elected) 1,773   Conservative
Joanne Margaret Scotton 442   Labour


Turnout: 32.52%

Candidate Votes Party
Michael Francis Cox 508   Liberal Democrat
Jason Jones 429   Liberal Democrat
Peter Jonathan Lucas 657   UKIP
Steven Michael Lugg (elected) 3,090   Conservative
David Munnik 244   Labour
Andrew Charles Parry (elected) 2,950   Conservative
Ian R Wands 203   Labour
Lawrence Leslie Ralph Wilson 795   UKIP


Turnout: 38.03%

Candidate Votes Party
Ray Bryan (elected) 3,743   Conservative
Lily Cox 657   Liberal Democrat
Robin Grey 776   UKIP
David William Shortell (elected) 3,662   Conservative
Heather Jean Snow 367   Labour
Sandra Joy Turner 460   Labour


Turnout: 33.15%

Candidate Votes Party
Christopher John Archibold 387   Labour
John Baxter 527   UKIP
Kate Bisson 545   Green
Toni Bartley Coombs (elected) 3,160   Conservative
Spencer Grant Flower (elected) 2,878   Conservative
Peter Thomas Parsons 276   Labour
David Lawrence Tooke 820   Liberal Democrat

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