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Dorset County Council Election Results 2017 - All Results

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Turnout: 46.27%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter James Allen 848   Liberal Democrat
Mark Gage 178   Labour
Neil Antony Judd 170   Green
Rebecca Knox (elected) 2,018   Conservative

Blackmore Vale

Turnout: 39.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Pauline Hannah Batstone (elected) 1,980   Conservative
Robert Zachary Taylor 185   Labour
David Tibbles 405   Liberal Democrat
Bill Woodhouse 209   UKIP

Blandford Forum

Turnout: 35.10%

Candidate Votes Party
Barrie George Cooper 1,035   Liberal Democrat
Pat Osborne 291   Labour
Byron Robert Quayle (elected) 1,086   Conservative
Jane Mary Unwin 116   UKIP


Turnout: 42.69%

Candidate Votes Party
Robert Sean Casey 490   Green
Kelvin Charles Clayton 810   Green
Phylida Culpin 783   Labour
Keith Allen Day (elected) 2,415   Conservative
Sarah Ann Horniman 1,840   Liberal Democrat
Ros Kayes (elected) 2,490   Liberal Democrat
Bill Mellish 690   Labour
Mark Brandon Roberts 2,244   Conservative


Turnout: 35.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Kevin Brookes (elected) 1,128   Conservative
Ryan Dean Hope 283   Liberal Democrat
David Howard Smith 168   Green
Mark Richard Tewkesbury 904   Labour

Burton Grange

Turnout: 27.95%

Candidate Votes Party
Jade Bailey 353   Liberal Democrat
David Charles Jones (elected) 1,374   Conservative
Antoinette Pearce 366   Labour

Chickerell & Chesil Bank

Turnout: 35.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Carol Rosemary Byrom 226   Green
James Alexander Lane Canning 348   Liberal Democrat
Jean Dunseith (elected) 1,624   Conservative
Lynda Ann Kiss 283   Labour

Christchurch Central

Turnout: 30.58%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter Roger Alexander Hall (elected) 1,707   Conservative
Julian Spurr 578   Labour

Colehill East & Stapehill

Turnout: 36.36%

Candidate Votes Party
Janet Dover (elected) 1,342   Liberal Democrat
Paul Graham 217   UKIP
KD Johnson 1,100   Conservative
Ashley Wynne Rowlands 146   Labour

Colehill West & Wimborne Minster

Turnout: 42.38%

Candidate Votes Party
Shane Bartlett (elected) 1,190   Liberal Democrat
Chris Brown 574   Labour
Robin David Cook 1,154   Conservative
Nick Wellstead 147   UKIP


Turnout: 32.03%

Candidate Votes Party
Fiona Cox 467   Liberal Democrat
Margaret Phipps (elected) 1,789   Conservative
Peter Stokes 369   Labour

Corfe Mullen

Turnout: 39.32%

Candidate Votes Party
Paul Ronald Harrison 1,300   Conservative
Susan Jefferies (elected) 1,603   Liberal Democrat
David Ewart Mattocks 106   UKIP
David Peden 127   Labour

Cranborne Chase

Turnout: 35.58%

Candidate Votes Party
Cyril John Barnes 148   UKIP
Steve Butler (elected) 1,773   Conservative
Joanne Margaret Scotton 442   Labour


Turnout: 39.24%

Candidate Votes Party
Richard Martin Biggs (elected) 2,799   Liberal Democrat
Vicki Black 581   Green
Andy Canning (elected) 2,871   Liberal Democrat
Gerald Duke 1,781   Conservative
Ian Francois Bernard Gosling 1,730   Conservative
Ken Huggins 265   Green
Geoffrey Robin Markham 311   UKIP
Claudia Catherine Sorin 983   Labour
Barry Thompson 775   Labour


Turnout: 32.52%

Candidate Votes Party
Michael Francis Cox 508   Liberal Democrat
Jason Jones 429   Liberal Democrat
Peter Jonathan Lucas 657   UKIP
Steven Michael Lugg (elected) 3,090   Conservative
David Munnik 244   Labour
Andrew Charles Parry (elected) 2,950   Conservative
Ian R Wands 203   Labour
Lawrence Leslie Ralph Wilson 795   UKIP


Turnout: 37.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Andrew Ronald Cattaway (elected) 2,368   Conservative
Peter Caulfield 409   UKIP
Graeme Henry Hole 802   Liberal Democrat
Geoff Longcroft 414   Labour
Clive Edward Struver 344   Labour
Steve Unwin 348   UKIP
Barry Von Clemens 1,252   Liberal Democrat
David Walsh (elected) 2,675   Conservative


Turnout: 35.48%

Candidate Votes Party
Deborah Anne Croney (elected) 1,841   Conservative
Robert Michael Snow 178   UKIP
Martin Thomas Strange 488   Liberal Democrat
Keith Yarwood 221   Labour

Linden Lea

Turnout: 41.60%

Candidate Votes Party
Nick Ireland (elected) 1,317   Liberal Democrat
Richard Michael Shrubb 198   Labour
Peter Jonathon Stein 1,299   Conservative
Rebekah Webb 127   Green


Turnout: 46.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Anthony Ferrari (elected) 1,702   Conservative
Brian Heatley 184   Green
David George Mannings 1,083   Liberal Democrat
Thomas Taylor 392   Labour

Lytchett Minster & Upton

Turnout: 35.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Fred Drane 944   Liberal Democrat
Mike Fry 237   UKIP
Richard Douglas Jordan 154   Labour
Bill Pipe (elected) 1,049   Conservative

Marshwood Vale

Turnout: 40.84%

Candidate Votes Party
Chit Chong 263   Green
Joy Everington 284   Labour
Steve Trevethan 538   Liberal Democrat
Daryl Turner (elected) 1,730   Conservative


Turnout: 38.03%

Candidate Votes Party
Ray Bryan (elected) 3,743   Conservative
Lily Cox 657   Liberal Democrat
Robin Grey 776   UKIP
David William Shortell (elected) 3,662   Conservative
Heather Jean Snow 367   Labour
Sandra Joy Turner 460   Labour

Mudeford & Highcliffe

Turnout: 40.04%

Candidate Votes Party
Lesley Margaret Dedman (elected) 2,582   Conservative
Carol Ann Wilcox 557   Labour

North West Purbeck

Turnout: 40.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Stewart Bullen 141   Labour
Josephine Marie Evans 123   UKIP
John Brian Taylor 890   Liberal Democrat
Peter Kendrick Wharf (elected) 1,654   Conservative

Portland Harbour

Turnout: 33.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Kerry Leanne Baker 879   Conservative
Len Herbert 145   Green
Kate Wheller (elected) 1,282   Labour and Cooperative

Portland Tophill

Turnout: 32.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Katharine Muriel Garcia (elected) 995   Conservative
Paul Ralph Kimber 923   Labour and Cooperative
Claudia Lucienne Moore 149   Green


Turnout: 41%

Candidate Votes Party
Matthew John Hall 514   Labour
David Leslie Hastings 901   Conservative
Jill Ann Hordle 195   UKIP
Clare Sutton (elected) 1,474   Green


Turnout: 38.65%

Candidate Votes Party
Derek Leslie Beer (elected) 1,231   Liberal Democrat
Piers Brown 863   Conservative
Lester Mark Dibben 100   Independent or No Party
Ursula Louise Ann Osborne 114   Labour
Lester Geoffrey Taylor 181   UKIP

Sherborne Rural

Turnout: 47.25%

Candidate Votes Party
Matt Hall 1,535   Liberal Democrat
Mary Penfold (elected) 1,657   Conservative
Andrew Martin Spring 130   Green

Sherborne Town

Turnout: 45.57%

Candidate Votes Party
Jon Andrews (elected) 1,493   Liberal Democrat
Nick Boothroyd 126   Labour
Robert Andrew Gould 1,471   Conservative
Pam Rosling 103   Green

South Purbeck

Turnout: 40.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Cherry Louise Brooks (elected) 1,135   Conservative
Nigel Dragon 766   Independent or No Party
Graham Holmes 666   Liberal Democrat
Leigh Van De Zande 205   Labour

Stalbridge & The Beacon

Turnout: 39.68%

Candidate Votes Party
Graham Carr-Jones (elected) 1,879   Conservative
Richard George Harvey 203   Labour
Rory Herbert 235   UKIP
Dorothy Jane Webb 424   Liberal Democrat


Turnout: 40.60%

Candidate Votes Party
Cherry Ann Bartlett 679   Labour
Gill Calvin-Thomas 540   Liberal Democrat
Jason Paul Haiselden 140   Independent or No Party
William Stanley Trite (elected) 1,856   Conservative

Three Valleys

Turnout: 39.28%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter John Barton 349   Green
Jill Haynes (elected) 1,853   Conservative
Janine Miller 301   Labour
David Taylor 720   Liberal Democrat


Turnout: 33.15%

Candidate Votes Party
Christopher John Archibold 387   Labour
John Baxter 527   UKIP
Kate Bisson 545   Green
Toni Bartley Coombs (elected) 3,160   Conservative
Spencer Grant Flower (elected) 2,878   Conservative
Peter Thomas Parsons 276   Labour
David Lawrence Tooke 820   Liberal Democrat


Turnout: 34.81%

Candidate Votes Party
Colin Jamieson (elected) 2,186   Conservative
Lindsay Turner 516   Labour


Turnout: 44.80%

Candidate Votes Party
Beryl Rita Ezzard (elected) 1,778   Liberal Democrat
Roy Holliday 185   Labour
Laura Jane Miller 1,234   Conservative
Keith Allen Simpson 165   UKIP


Turnout: 35.80%

Candidate Votes Party
James Robert Askew 158   Green
Shenis Cant 791   Conservative
David Best Harris (elected) 1,155   Liberal Democrat
Kieron Womble 488   Labour

Weymouth Town

Turnout: 35.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Francis George Drake 206   UKIP
Christine Mary James 387   Liberal Democrat
Jon Orrell (elected) 810   Green
Jason Louis Osborne 698   Conservative
Ann Linda Rosina Weaving 464   Labour


Turnout: 36.01%

Candidate Votes Party
Hilary Ann Cox (elected) 1,527   Conservative
David Charles Thomas Fox 506   Liberal Democrat
Haydn Roger White 284   Labour

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