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Dorset Council Election Results 2019 - All results

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Beacon (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.60%

Candidate Votes Party
Alexandra Gale 423   Liberal Democrat
Samuel Charles Skey 142   Labour
Jane Somper (elected) 1,020   Conservative

Beaminster (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.10%

Candidate Votes Party
Robert Sean Casey 141   Green
Stephen Everington 63   Labour
Rebecca Knox (elected) 678   Conservative
Chris Turner 532   Liberal Democrat

Blackmore Vale (1 seat)

Turnout: 40.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Pauline Hannah Batstone (elected) 912   Conservative
Ian De Carteret Edlin 215   Liberal Democrat
Kevin Thomas James Shillington 124   Labour
Bill Woodhouse 224   UKIP

Blandford (2 seats)

Turnout: 35.80%

Candidate Votes Party
Noc Lacey-Clarke (elected) 1,495   Conservative
Hugo Anthony Mieville 774   Liberal Democrat
Pat Osborne 509   Labour
Byron Robert Quayle (elected) 1,573   Conservative
Doro Russell 362   Labour
John Edward Thomas Tanner 761   Liberal Democrat

Bridport (3 seats)

Turnout: 37.37%

Candidate Votes Party
Heath Barrett 643   UKIP
Dave Bolwell (elected) 1,489   Liberal Democrat
Nick Boothroyd 773   Labour
Derek Raymond Bussell 1,172   Conservative
Una Mary Christopher 1,040   Conservative
Kelvin Charles Clayton (elected) 1,606   Green
Ronald William Coatsworth 1,138   Conservative
Mark Gage 734   Labour
Bill Mellish 630   Labour
Sarah Williams (elected) 1,891   Liberal Democrat
Iain Douglas Young 893   Liberal Democrat

Chalk Valleys (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Carol Rosemary Byrom 447   Green
Jill Haynes (elected) 810   Conservative
Michael John Sandy 351   Liberal Democrat

Charminster St Mary's (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Richard David Denton-White 176   Independent or No Party
Michael John Maher 88   Labour
David Taylor (elected) 846   Liberal Democrat
Tim Yarker 472   Conservative

Chesil Bank (1 seat)

Turnout: 47.10%

Candidate Votes Party
Sally Anne Holland 316   Liberal Democrat
Vaughan Jones 503   Green
Richard Howard Nicholls 105   Labour
Mark Brandon Roberts (elected) 595   Conservative

Chickerell (2 seats)

Turnout: 30.56%

Candidate Votes Party
Valerie Ann Ashenden 275   Labour
Holly Bessant 339   Liberal Democrat
Mike Byatt 542   Conservative
James Alexander Lane Canning 283   Liberal Democrat
Jean Dunseith (elected) 766   Conservative
Graham Lambert 376   Green
John Howard Worth (elected) 564   Independent or No Party

Colehill & Wimborne Minster East (2 seats)

Turnout: 41.26%

Candidate Votes Party
Derek Baker 477   Green
Janet Dover (elected) 1,616   Liberal Democrat
KD Johnson 968   Conservative
David Francis Moore 145   Labour
David Geoffrey Lawson Packer 771   Conservative
Maria Angela Roe (elected) 1,073   Liberal Democrat
Nick Wellstead 319   UKIP

Corfe Mullen (2 seats)

Turnout: 37.07%

Candidate Votes Party
Mike Barron (elected) 1,388   Liberal Democrat
Sarah Jayne Burns 1,093   Conservative
Paul Ronald Harrison (elected) 1,292   Conservative
David Peden 222   Labour
Duncan Anthony Sowry-House 1,138   Liberal Democrat
Tracie Stevens 374   Green

Cranborne & Alderholt (1 seat)

Turnout: 37.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Steve Butler 671   Conservative
Peter Thomas Parsons 116   Labour
David Lawrence Tooke (elected) 689   Liberal Democrat

Cranborne Chase (1 seat)

Turnout: 36.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Piers Brown (elected) 778   Conservative
Stephen Mark Kelly 200   UKIP
Dennis Wardleworth 208   Labour

Crossways (1 seat)

Turnout: 40.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Mollie Joy Collins 91   Labour
Nick Ireland (elected) 746   Liberal Democrat
Barry Michael Quinn 360   Conservative

Dorchester East (2 seats)

Turnout: 41.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Anthony James Kirkpatrick Austin 559   Conservative
Andrew William Charles Christopher 487   Conservative
Stella Jones (elected) 1,739   Liberal Democrat
Molly Rennie (elected) 1,755   Liberal Democrat
Claudia Sorin 448   Labour
Barry Thompson 369   Labour

Dorchester Poundbury (1 seat)

Turnout: 46.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Richard Martin Biggs (elected) 457   Liberal Democrat
William Gibbons 273   Independent or No Party
Sinead McCarney 55   Labour
Tim Oram 73   Green
Peter Jonathon Stein 415   Conservative

Dorchester West (2 seats)

Turnout: 39.51%

Candidate Votes Party
Andy Canning (elected) 1,221   Liberal Democrat
Tracee Lorraine Cossey 264   Labour
Jules Daulby 289   Labour
Gerald Duke 512   Conservative
Les Fry (elected) 1,064   Independent or No Party
Ian Francois Bernard Gosling 336   Conservative
Len Herbert 434   Green
Janet Elizabeth Hewitt 973   Liberal Democrat

Eggardon (1 seat)

Turnout: 37.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Anthony Paul Robin Alford (elected) 735   Conservative
Lucy Campbell 162   Labour
Anne Elizabeth Clements 362   Green
Robin Potter 271   Liberal Democrat

Ferndown North (2 seats)

Turnout: 33.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Jade Cadman 492   UKIP
Matthew Coussell 578   Liberal Democrat
Peter Durant 545   Liberal Democrat
Cathy Lugg (elected) 1,312   Conservative
Alan Albert Miller 521   UKIP
Mike Parkes (elected) 1,221   Conservative

Ferndown South (2 seats)

Turnout: 29.83%

Candidate Votes Party
Rod Adkins (elected) 689   Conservative
Philip Carl Bamborough 474   Liberal Democrat
Paul Hanson Graham 371   Independent or No Party
Geoff Laidlaw 536   UKIP
Julie Lorraine Robinson (elected) 765   Conservative
Suzanne M Roffe 264   Labour
Lawrence Wilson 487   UKIP

Gillingham (3 seats)

Turnout: 34.19%

Candidate Votes Party
John William Butcher 765   Liberal Democrat
Peter Caulfield 533   UKIP
Fiona Jane Cullen 433   Labour
Nick Edmunds 582   UKIP
Mike Gould 958   Liberal Democrat
Valerie Rose Pothecary (elected) 1,682   Conservative
Belinda Ridout (elected) 1,799   Conservative
Paul Taylor 322   Labour
Jane Unwin 497   UKIP
Barry Von Clemens 1,245   Liberal Democrat
David Walsh (elected) 1,626   Conservative
Mark Jonathan White 853   Independent or No Party
Philip Peter Wilson 415   Labour

Hill Forts & Upper Tarrants (1 seat)

Turnout: 40%

Candidate Votes Party
Alan Cross 221   Labour
Joe Hickish 336   Liberal Democrat
Sherry Jespersen (elected) 854   Conservative

Littlemoor & Preston (2 seats)

Turnout: 40.15%

Candidate Votes Party
Tony Ferrari (elected) 1,078   Conservative
Louie James O`Leary (elected) 988   Conservative
Gillian Pearson 629   Liberal Democrat
David Skinner 347   Independent or No Party
Mark Richard Tewkesbury 719   Labour
John Victor Tomblin 505   Green
Ann Weaving 527   Labour
Michael McCallister Wilkinson 741   Independent or No Party

Lyme & Charmouth (1 seat)

Turnout: 44.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Rikey Austin 239   Labour
Cheryl Lesley Reynolds 571   Independent or No Party
Rob Smith 317   Green
Daryl Whane Turner (elected) 756   Conservative

Lytchett Matravers & Upton (3 seats)

Turnout: 35%

Candidate Votes Party
Alex Brenton (elected) 1,339   Liberal Democrat
Natalie Carswell 702   Green
Frank Duncan Milsom 314   Labour
Bill Pipe (elected) 1,472   Conservative
Robin Guy Sequeira 1,312   Conservative
Andrew James Starr (elected) 1,441   Liberal Democrat
John Brian Taylor 1,092   Liberal Democrat
Ralph Turvill Watts 1,235   Conservative

Marshwood Vale (1 seat)

Turnout: 50.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Simon John Christopher (elected) 752   Conservative
Phyllida Culpin 85   Labour
Simon Fairlie 308   Green
Eddie Gerrard 187   Liberal Democrat
Jacqui Sewell 595   Independent or No Party

Melcombe Regis (1 seat)

Turnout: 33%

Candidate Votes Party
James William Farquharson 220   Conservative
Jon Orrell (elected) 691   Green
Tia Roos 190   Labour

Portland (3 seats)

Turnout: 30.49%

Candidate Votes Party
Susan Cocking (elected) 894   Independent or No Party
Katharine Muriel Garcia 732   Conservative
Sara Ann Harpley 697   Green
Rob Hughes (elected) 1,052   Independent or No Party
Su Illsley 680   Conservative
Paul Ralph Kimber (elected) 910   Labour
Giovanna Elizabeth Lewis 847   Labour
Tim Munro 447   Independent or No Party
Ray Nowak 675   Labour
Chris Wakefield 571   Conservative

Puddletown & Lower Winterborne (1 seat)

Turnout: 38.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Emma Elizabeth Bratley 192   Labour
Helen Frances 388   Liberal Democrat
Kevin Nicholas Maitland-Gleed 257   Independent or No Party
Emma Jayne Parker (elected) 789   Conservative

Radipole (2 seats)

Turnout: 36.48%

Candidate Votes Party
Peter Lawrence Fraser Barrow (elected) 1,346   Liberal Democrat
Peter Dickenson 709   Conservative
Mark Duxbury 541   Labour
John Twidale Ellis 671   Conservative
David Michael Gray (elected) 1,234   Liberal Democrat
Grafton Alphonso Straker 62   Labour

Rodwell & Wyke (3 seats)

Turnout: 37.68%

Candidate Votes Party
Michael James Bevan 835   Conservative
Becky Suzanne Blake 965   Labour
Daragh Edwin Croxson 1,062   Green
Joanna Mary Dickenson 862   Conservative
Lucy Hamilton 830   Labour
Brian Heatley (elected) 1,258   Green
Richard Douglas Nickinson 911   Conservative
Clare Sutton (elected) 2,033   Green
Luke Michael Wakeling 908   Independent or No Party
Kate Wheller (elected) 1,403   Labour

Shaftesbury Town (2 seats)

Turnout: 35.21%

Candidate Votes Party
Derek Leslie Beer (elected) 1,177   Liberal Democrat
Alexander Edward Chase 381   Conservative
Tim Cook (elected) 682   Liberal Democrat
Melanie Costas 213   Labour
Lester Mark Dibben 147   Independent or No Party
Andrew Reginald Hollingshead 360   Independent or No Party
William Kenealy 145   Labour
Julian Pritchard 480   Conservative
Lester Geoffrey Taylor 250   UKIP
Steve Unwin 233   UKIP
Peter David Yeo 273   Independent or No Party

Sherborne East (1 seat)

Turnout: 44.50%

Candidate Votes Party
Jon Andrews (elected) 842   Liberal Democrat
Ken Huggins 120   Green
Alan Gordon Taylor 122   UKIP
Jill Warburton 615   Conservative

Sherborne Rural (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Leon Jennings 204   UKIP
Robin Andrew Shane Legg (elected) 902   Liberal Democrat
Peter Robert Shorland 583   Conservative

Sherborne West (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Rebecca Burns 538   Conservative
Matt Hall (elected) 759   Liberal Democrat
Pam Rosling 119   Green

South East Purbeck (1 seat)

Turnout: 46.80%

Candidate Votes Party
John Barnes 117   UKIP
Cherry Louise Brooks (elected) 499   Conservative
Nigel Dragon 451   Independent or No Party
Matt Etherington 84   Independent or No Party
George Holden 191   Labour
Mandy Platts 284   Liberal Democrat

St Leonards & St Ives (2 seats)

Turnout: 40.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Ray Bryan (elected) 1,363   Conservative
Barry Peter Goringe (elected) 1,406   Conservative
Robin Francis Grey 604   UKIP
Steve Hards 286   Labour
Ulrike Lucas 590   Liberal Democrat
Allan Stephen Tallett 482   UKIP

Stalbridge & Marnhull (1 seat)

Turnout: 42.30%

Candidate Votes Party
Graham Carr-Jones (elected) 837   Conservative
Ros Eveleigh 541   Liberal Democrat
Rory Herbert 246   UKIP
Pippa Shillington 135   Labour

Stour & Allen Vale (1 seat)

Turnout: 35.80%

Candidate Votes Party
Joanna Jane Bury 328   Liberal Democrat
Robin David Cook (elected) 606   Conservative
Stephen Gerry 94   Labour
Francis Edward Raven-Vause 201   Independent or No Party
Michael Simmons 165   UKIP

Sturminster Newton (1 seat)

Turnout: 38.70%

Candidate Votes Party
Sam Edmunds 102   UKIP
David Fox 360   Liberal Democrat
Carole Yvonne Jones (elected) 442   Conservative
Michael Roake 399   Independent or No Party
Craig Andrew White 59   Labour

Swanage (2 seats)

Turnout: 42.38%

Candidate Votes Party
Chris Bradey 614   Labour
Gill Calvin Thomas 592   Liberal Democrat
Philip Michael Eades 677   Independent or No Party
Jason Paul Haiselden 351   Independent or No Party
Debby Monkhouse 780   Labour
Gary Maurice Suttle (elected) 1,546   Conservative
Cliff Sutton 469   Liberal Democrat
William Stanley Trite (elected) 1,457   Conservative

Upwey & Broadwey (1 seat)

Turnout: 37%

Candidate Votes Party
Kevin Brookes 543   Conservative
Debra Kohana 251   Labour
Howard Richard Legg (elected) 555   Liberal Democrat

Verwood (3 seats)

Turnout: 33.60%

Candidate Votes Party
John Baxter 499   UKIP
Toni Bartley Coombs (elected) 2,083   Conservative
Spencer Grant Flower (elected) 1,946   Conservative
Simon Gibson (elected) 2,235   Conservative
Peter Grant 480   UKIP
Ginette Marie Holdroyd 565   Liberal Democrat
Peter Jonathan Lucas 546   Green
James Andrew McKenzie 306   Labour
Maryanne Pike 228   Labour
Bridie Salmon 736   Green
Sandra Joy Turner 227   Labour

Wareham (2 seats)

Turnout: 41.16%

Candidate Votes Party
Cherry Ann Bartlett 365   Labour
Beryl Rita Ezzard (elected) 1,837   Liberal Democrat
Ryan David Holloway (elected) 1,308   Liberal Democrat
Alice Jane Blachford Rogers 219   Labour
Keith Allen Simpson 431   UKIP
Mark Unsworth 965   Conservative
Mike Wiggins 942   Conservative

West Moors & Three Legged Cross (2 seats)

Turnout: 33.35%

Candidate Votes Party
Michael Roy Dyer (elected) 1,323   Conservative
Marlies Koutstaal 541   Liberal Democrat
David Richard Marshall 596   UKIP
David William Shortell (elected) 1,412   Conservative
Mark Wadeson 447   UKIP
Lars Wilmar 432   Liberal Democrat

West Parley (1 seat)

Turnout: 32.10%

Candidate Votes Party
Jocelyn Grace Lortie 165   Liberal Democrat
Ann Josephine Miller 201   UKIP
Andrew Charles Parry (elected) 611   Conservative

West Purbeck (2 seats)

Turnout: 36.59%

Candidate Votes Party
David H Bhattacharjee 556   Liberal Democrat
David Sinclair Burden 375   Liberal Democrat
Nick Chaffey 288   Labour
Jon Davey 307   Labour
Laura Jane Miller (elected) 1,142   Conservative
Malcolm Leonard Shakesby 848   Independent or No Party
Peter Kendrick Wharf (elected) 1,064   Conservative

Westham (2 seats)

Turnout: 29.61%

Candidate Votes Party
David Joseph Greenhalf 441   Labour
Sara Louise Greenhalf 471   Labour
Ryan Dean Hope (elected) 895   Liberal Democrat
Tom Tannassee 345   Conservative
Gill Taylor (elected) 836   Liberal Democrat
Clare Louise Williams 366   Conservative

Wimborne Minster (2 seats)

Turnout: 36.42%

Candidate Votes Party
Shane Kevin Bartlett (elected) 1,296   Liberal Democrat
Colin Robin William Beck 509   Conservative
Stewart William Bullen 192   Labour
Derek Bidkar Frank Burt 514   Conservative
David Morgan (elected) 1,155   Liberal Democrat
Ashley Wynne Rowlands 182   Labour

Winterborne & Broadmayne (1 seat)

Turnout: 41.20%

Candidate Votes Party
Graham Richard Brant 201   UKIP
Robert Philip Freeman 412   Conservative
Roland Tarr (elected) 799   Liberal Democrat

Winterborne North (1 seat)

Turnout: 41.90%

Candidate Votes Party
Christine Adey 162   UKIP
Barrie Cooper 363   Liberal Democrat
Andrew Kerby (elected) 557   Conservative
James Bernard Mayo 105   Independent or No Party
John Stayt 88   Independent or No Party
Haydn Roger White 102   Labour
Jason Williamson 19   Independent or No Party

Yetminster (1 seat)

Turnout: 43.40%

Candidate Votes Party
Philip Lee Broomfield 200   UKIP
Tim Fearon 611   Liberal Democrat
Mary Penfold (elected) 910   Conservative

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