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Live travel disruptions for Dorset

Live updates on current disruptions to road, rail, ferry or air travel in Dorset and further afield.

If you are looking for details of all roadworks where you are, please see our roadworks map.

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Non-sporting Events
Gates open 8am. Extra traffic possible on the A354 around Tarrant Hinton.From 23rd to 27th August.
Location: Dorset
Last update: 15/08/2018 18:01:43
Operational Difficulties
Until 9:30 on 19th August.
Location: Berkshire
Last update: 03/08/2018 12:17:04
Operational Difficulties
Until 17:00 on 19th August.
Location: Surrey
Last update: 22/07/2018 12:47:48
Operational Difficulties
From 18th August to 15th September.
Location: London, Lambeth
Last update: 15/08/2018 18:15:47

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